What's new about what you're making? How is it different?

We have modified the Piston, connecting rod and crankshaft assembly to better utilize the energy produced by the explosion in the engine. By better utilizing that power we can reduce heat and wear in the engine to start with, but really what that does is to allow us to use that extra power to deliver the same amount of horse power using less fuel.

So think about it if we can have the same horse power using less fuel there is a fuel savings which means less green house gases being released into the atmosphere. Less fuel being used means more fuel savings for using those engines

How big is the market?

There are 250,000,000 internal combustion engines produced every year around the world.

  • 90,000,000 commercial and private vehicles
  • 130,000,000 motorcycles
  • 30,000,000 other small to large engines (lawn mowers, 4 wheeler, generators etc.)

Who are your competitors? How are you different?

The crazy thing is there isn't any direct competition. We have a issued US patent that covers our process so no one can duplicate what we are doing for many years.

The car companies have tried to improve fuel efficiency through direct fuel injectors, better airflow, duel ports, computer timing and many other things but they really don't see the increase in efficiency that we are promising and all of these things are very expensive.

Our solution is simple and cheap in comparison to all of these other things they are doing. The motorcycles and the other engines aren't really doing anything as it is cost prohibitive.

What do you understand about your business that others don't get?

We can literally change the world for better with this simple design change that will benefit everyone on the planet except maybe the oil companies.

What's your biggest risk? What keeps you up at night?

Our biggest risk is that we won't be taken seriously because we are really pushing thermodynamic laws that "govern" what is possible with the internal combustion engine set back in the day. Engineers and manufactures like to have known and proven technologies but know that they have to push past current paradigms to comply with governmental and consumer expectations.

With that said with us being able to do more testing and also having third party testing done that will prove beyond doubt our claims.

How will you make money?

We simply will license the patent to the manufacturers to use in there engines. We will charge a small licensing fee for every engine produced.

    CC's Cost per CC Minimum
    0-499 $0.04 $5.00
    500-2499 $0.05 $30.00
    2500-9999 $0.04 $150.00
    10,000+ $0.03 $400.00

With there being 250 million engines produced every year you can see that it won't take much for us to be profitable.

How do you acquire customers?

Direct marketing is the most effective approach but we will also publish technical data/articles, press releases and news coverage will all play a role. The good news is there are 20-25 major manufacturers in the world who control 90%+ of the worlds production and we already have a team member who knows most of them.

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