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Imagine if we could lower emissions from gas engines anywhere between 15-20%. That would mean 15-20% less smog, less green house gasses in the atmosphere and cleaner air for all. Imagine we could do all of that with very little effort or cost.

That is exactly what we have achieved but only better! Our prototype proves a fuel efficiency increase of 100% is possible!

Luis our company Cofounder is an electrical engineer by trade and has always been very curious about everything. He enjoys looking at and taking apart products to see how they work and trying to figure out how to make them better. He built a transistor radio when he was just 7 years old by himself.

One example from this visionary man is he helped a prominent hot water heater company in Argentina improve its products efficiency from a low 30% all the way up to 70% efficient.

Approximately 25 years ago Luis was busy helping his son (Gabriel in the video), a triathlete to better compete. He realized that his weakest event was cycling and so being the engineer and the curious man that he is he analyzed every inch of the bike and realized that there were some small but significant design flaws. He built a prototype bike and was able to increase his sons speed by 33% using the same amount of energy!!

They both quickly realized that having a bike like that in competition would make for an unfair advantage so they decided to not use the prototype. I know some of you want to get your hands on that design and maybe we will bring it out at some point in the future.

Fate would have it that a few years later Luis was taking an auto mechanics class learning more about the gas engine when it struck him.

Could that same small but significant design flaw exist in the gas engine? He realized that it did and quickly went to work to find the solution. After many iterations he finally came up with a design that absolutely works.

So what is the problem?

You can see from the following video the typical 4 stroke engine cycle:

It has worked just fine since the engine was invented over 100 years ago but there is one major problem. When the spark fires the air/fuel mixture it is when the piston is almost to the top dead center position. The reason it is done that way is because that is when the air/fuel mixture is compressed the most.

So think about it. The explosion happens right as the piston, rod and crank shaft are all directly in line with each other. The majority of that energy is absorbed directly into the metal and therefore goes out your tail pipe. That adds heat and friction that doesn't need to be in the engine.

Our patented design allows the crankshaft to rotate to where the energy from the explosion is best utilized keeping the piston in optimal compressed position. Simple and effective.

In the following image and video they show the movement of Smart Stroke Technology™ and how it works.

Smart Stroke Technology™ gif

In the following videos we do a basic spring test to show how the energy is used in a typical engine versus our patented engine

The following are our first 3 live tests

Next we have a tachometer test and low fuel test. In the low fuel test the light should be green for the typical engine to run correctly. As you can see it is running in the red that would never allow a typical engine to run correctly. This shows with a very lean mix our engine runs perfectly.

The initial design patent was approved in May 2016 and additional patents were submitted in 2020. Additional a team was put together with the idea of licensing it to every internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturer in the world.

Just think about it..

Besides safety what is the number one concern for ICE manufacturers in today’s market?

Lower carbon emissions.

Not only the car companies but every combustion engine from the smallest to the largest engines are all under tremendous pressure from governments to consumers to lower carbon emissions. They all will become significantly more efficient with our simple patented design.

Our vision is to reduce by 50%-100% the amount of carbon emission released into the atmosphere by a typical ICE's which improves the lives of everyone on the planet. That equates to a savings of more than 6 billion tones of CO2. Not only that but to reduce the amount of fuel consumed each year means saving $1,000's for families.

But that goes against the laws of thermodynamics?

I am pretty sure scientists and experts believed we couldn't fly, break the sound barrier or go in to space either but we did it anyways. In fact we seem to have new discoveries that go against old theories more often than not.

Internal combustion engine manufactures are our direct clients. We look to license the design to them so that they can continue to produce ever improving machines. The life expectancy of fossil fuels is limited to the next several decades but we fully intend to make our world better while they are still around.

What are the next steps:

Vela Motor Company is looking to raise capital to be able to test the longevity of the design along with doing third party testing.

We also are looking to patent the design in additional countries as these are pending for the moment.

Finally we are looking to bring on licensing contracts for fast growth.

By doing these three things we will insure that the manufactures will trust the design, the design will be protected everywhere around the world and the income we need to be profitable.

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